Archie #16-132

Available For AdoptionArchie #16-132

Adoption Fee $450
* No Children
 * Fenced Yard

 Archie is 5 years old, large and handsome. He plays with other dogs but has a bite history. (he is approximately 40lbs)

He was adopted from a very elderly couple. One month later in his new home, Archie bit the wife and she required stitches. His new owners dropped Archie off at the Atlantic County shelter in NJ where he was quarantined in solitary confinement for 10 days due to biting.

Archie was scheduled to be euthanized when his 10 days were up. NEBTR picked him up before that occurred. He has been with our trainer for several months and for the right person, he is available for adoption.

According to our trainer, Archie is generally a sweet soul, suffering from a lack of trust. He is looking for guidance and wants to do the right thing. His body shows signs of neglect and probably as a result, he does have some food guarding issues that need to be understood. He can be very sensitive to physical touch and feels threatened if handled wrongly. However, Archie is currently learning to accept human touch as positive. He is also working on being respectful of his humans around food and learning to "leave it" when told. He is very good with other dogs and has wonderful dog skills.

Archie is a classic case of a dog that needs empathy from his humans, and someone who can provide rock solid guidance and goals. The rewards will be great; he is an awesome dog with a gentle soul suffering from a lack of trust of people. In return for guidance, he will be a great companion.

No children for this boy and a fenced yard is important for him to play as he is active. He needs a confident person who can give him the time to continue his growth.

Since he is currently with our trainer, several visits will need to be scheduled prior to adoption - consideration to location is important.

Archie is currently being fostered in Clinton, CT

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