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Have you ever wanted to adopt or foster a Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR), but cannot fit another furry friend into your home or bed? NEBTR’s virtual fostering is for you!
When you sponsor a NEBTR foster dog, your donation is used to help defer the costs involved in housing, feeding, and providing medical care. All money goes directly to the care of the Boston you select. If the Boston you choose does get adopted, then you have the choice of providing care for another virtual foster of your choice.

We are seeing more and more congenital and even neglectful issues in rescue: Cushing’s, necessary eye removal, skin conditions, and the list goes on. With your help, these angels will be well on their way to recovery and having the spoiled life that they all deserve – and they ALL do deserve it!

As a virtual foster, your name will be displayed under the particular rescue’s picture on a special web page to show of your loving support and each pup will update you through their own Facebook pages. Each virtual foster will have a Facebook page, and you will be able to see the progress of your pup – and to read his or her thanks to you! Once you choose your pup(s), just like their Facebook page and you become a part of their lives virtually.

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