Abbott & Emma...forever fosters

No Longer Available For AdoptionAbbott & Emma...forever fosters

Hi! We're Abbott (Boston) & Emma (Puggle)! Looks like we'll be in our foster home for a while longer while we're getting over some health issues. We've been together since we were pups and we do EVERYTHING together - including walk on the same leash and we want to sleep in the same bed.

Emma: Female, Puggle, 8 years old, fixed. Emma is a super lovable, cuddly girl! Her favorite past time is curling up in your lap and napping. She is currently being treated for allergy issues, but has been showing improvement! She is a wonderful companion – crate trained, house trained, and knows most basic commands. She’s super food motivated, so she’ll do just about anything you want from her, for the small price of a treat!

Abbott: Male, Boston Terrier, 7 years old, fixed. Abbott has such as sweet personality. It takes him a bit to get comfortable, but once he does, he is a lover. He has some allergy issues as well that we’re working on, but generally he’s a happy, healthy boy who just takes a little daily care for his inverted tail, to make sure it doesn’t become infected. He is crated trained & house trained, but has been known to mark in unfamiliar places until he knows better. A little more playful than his sister, he enjoys tearing apart stuffed toys, and chewing his favorite blue ball.  


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