Alizey #18-023

No Longer Available For AdoptionAlizey #18-023

Adoption fee:  $200

** No Children Under 10**
* Only dog

Alizey is a 9 year old beauty who was surrendered to the shelter due to "medical problems." Alizey has fully recovered from her earlier surgery's and has been given a clean bill of health with the exception of being blind in one eye.  She does need a drop of medicine morning and night but sits and waits patiently for it on command.  She is actually waiting for the treat that will follow her good behavior!

 Alizey loves to play, take rides, go on walks and will chase, retrieve and return with her bone and or rope toys to the point of exhaustion if allowed.  When taken to others homes she is very good and will blend well into her environment, however, she does not like other dogs and has not been tested with cats. At night she has choices of where to sleep but is just as happy in her own bed as anywhere else (of course she would love to be a sleeping buddy).  Alizey is a very relaxed and happy dog who is very responsive to me and how much I want to love her.  She also is okay with being on her own in the home (this was recently tested with our cities fireworks being set off just yards from my home and she was cool as a cucumber) and does not bark. 

She is as energetic as a dog of 4 or 5, age has nothing on her!  She could be a city gal or a country gal, both would suit her fine. She is sweet and perfect in so many ways, just waiting for the wonderful forever home.  


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