No Longer Available For AdoptionAsh

* No Children Under 10

Ash is big, boisterous, friendly, athletic and very social. He loves fetching tennis balls, long walks, and trips to the dog park. He gets along great with other dogs and older kids (although his foster people haven’t seen him interact with cats, he has lived with them before coming into rescue). He always likes to be at the center of the action and wants to be with his companions wherever they are (often the exact place they are, so he piles on top). He is robust and healthy for his 9 ½ years. Ash was raised from puppyhood with his “bro,” Brock, and has never been an only pet. He would be happiest in a home with another dog for company, or where he will not be left alone regularly. This guy just wants to hang out with the pack, whether that means going out for a hike or ride, or just vegging in front of the TV.


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