Bella #17-029

No Longer Available For AdoptionBella #17-029

Adoption Fee $200

No Children Under 10

Weight 20.7 pounds
DOB 8/23/08

Bella is 8 years old, good with cats, dogs and kids.
A very sweet girl.
Bella is a sweet, affectionate and obedient little girl. Don’t let her age fool you, she has the energy of a pup. She gets along with other dog and kids over 10 (haven’t met a cat yet) and loves people. She absolutely loves her daily walks and can walk forever. Getting out her energy with a daily walk is a must. It fulfills her physically and mentally and makes her a happy, well-rounded dog.
She does have some food aggression among other dogs but with consistent rules she will sit and wait at a distance while food is being prepared and is very respectful. She responds well to corrections and is basically a people pleaser. She is crate trained and will go in her crate willingly. She sleeps in her bed through the night and loves to be next to her person. Being able to sleep in the bedroom with her person would be best. She is 100% house trained. She does get a potty break at lunch but can go up to 6 hours without going out. This little girl would make a fantastic companion and bring daily laughter to anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their life.


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