No Longer Available For AdoptionBenji..$600

- no kids under 14 (even visiting like grandkids)
- no other dogs (even if their dogs are sweet- Benji won’t like them)
- no cats
- Quiet house. If they have visitors coming and going like teenagers or entertaining not a good fit. 
- No densely populated city environment. He needs walks but needs room not to run into people or dogs. 

Benji is just one year old,  a little peanut and is all puppy! He is smart, funny, energetic,
stubborn and curious…in other words 100% Boston Terrier. He found
himself on death row because of behavior issues and NEBTR was able to
save him so now begins his second chance at life. This guy is only 1
year old and is oozing with puppy energy. He will need a family that is
just as energetic and will make sure he will get lots of exercise. His
foster home will take him along 3-4 mile runs and he will still be
pulling for more. No city living for him because it is too stimulating-
he needs space to go on walks where he isn’t constantly around other
people or dogs. His home should also be calm and not have people coming
and going (and no kids)…consistency, zen and structure is key!

foster home has had him for several weeks and hasn’t seen the same
behavior issues that landed him in a shelter but it’s because he has had
the exercise, structure and boundaries that a rambunctious puppy needs.
Despite his past he loves to be around his people and is a total
snuggle bug. He will be your little shadow and constantly at your side.
Benji is completely house and crate trained and is just looking for his
gentle but firm leader. This little guy has been totally misunderstood
but this time we will find his forever home who will be sure he is taken
care of.

will only be placed in a home without any other dogs because he craves
the full attention of his family. Before you apply for this adorable guy
keep in mind that he is a SUPER energetic puppy so he will need lots of
exercise to keep him from going crazy. He needs a very active owner who
is looking for a buddy to explore the world and not sit on a couch. He
is in Lancaster, PA and we will ask any approved applicant being
seriously considered to adopt Benji be willing to come and visit with
him before an official adoption decision is made so only apply if are
comfortable driving that distance.

Homes with children under 14 (or visiting), dogs, cats or live in a city will not be considered.

Questions about Benji?  You can ask his foster home by emailing:


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