No Longer Available For AdoptionBreezy...$200

* No Children Under 10

Breezy is approximately 10 years old and as happy-go-lucky as it gets -- despite being found tied to a pole and working through health issues like pneumonia and heart disease -- she gladly wags her curly-Q tail and cozies up for scratches and pets any chance she gets. Her sassy and sweet personality is beginning to shine through each and every day. This girl loves to be near her people, go for walks, and indulge in treats, scratches, and a comfy bed and blanket. And, she's sharp. She is learning new tricks in her foster home like 'sit' and 'lay down.' Although she has heart disease, her cardiologist says she has several years ahead with proper management and a loving home. She is friendly toward everyone she meets -- dogs and people alike.


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