No Longer Available For AdoptionBrock...$200

* No Children Under 10 

* No Dogs

 Brock was surrendered with his companion, Ash, when due to changes in their circumstances, their owners could no longer care for them. He is a sturdy guy — very sweet with people (including older kids), but afraid of (and lashes out at) other dogs. We think this is because although he has always been mostly blind in his left eye, he has more recently lost most of the site in his right eye as well, so he can’t read the body language of new dogs to gauge the threat level. He really needs a consistent environment and gradual introductions to new things, particularly new animals. Don’t be fooled though, he does not let his blindness keep him back. Once he gets the lay of the land he is completely independent, and extremely playful and affectionate. In Brock’s ideal home he is the only pet, so his people can focus all their attention on helping him adjust to his blindness. He would also love a fenced yard where he can play long, uninterrupted games of fetch with his balls that flash, rattle or have a scent.


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