Bronson #16-139

No Longer Available For AdoptionBronson #16-139

** No Children  - No Cats **

Adoption fee $350

 Meet Bronson, a beautiful brindled 3y/o Frenchton.

Bronson is a super smart, strong minded boy with lots of energy. He is food and toy motivated and enjoys ball games. Bronson has a tendency to be dominant at times and guard his resources which is how he found himself in rescue. He can have a dislike of strangers so slow, under control introductions are helpful to ease his fears. Bronson has had a bite history in his past but has been on good behavior since working with the trainer.

He has shown tremendous improvement with his trainer and will be looking for an adopter in a child free home, who is confident, has some experience with all of the above and is willing to have Bronson live by simple rules to keep him happy and balanced. He sometimes has a bossy style of play but on the whole gets along very well with other dogs. Bronson is crate trained and knows his basic obedience commands.

Because Bronson is with our trainer, please bare in mind several visits will be required; he is currently being fostered in Clinton, CT.


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