Dante #17-087

No Longer Available For AdoptionDante #17-087

Adoption Fee $450
*No Children Under 10*  

Dante is a very handsome Boston Terrier with a gleaming gray coat and speckled nose. He is fun loving boy who loves to play with toys and balls and knows basic obedience. Dante has been living with NEBTR’s trainer to learn to relax and develop relationships, both with dogs and people. 

Dante likes other dogs but can be bossy and struggle with sharing, particularly when a person he likes is around, he has a tendency to push other dogs out to get all of the attention. He can also be stand offish with people at times and not want physical touch or affection. In the past this has resulted in him biting when pushed to accept attention that he just isn’t ready for. For this reason, he requires an adopter who can read his clear body language with empathy and know when he is receptive to engaging, and also one who can help him not be an attention hog. His trainer has found that by ignoring his demands for attention he has actually learned to value affection and has become a much friendlier and more relaxed little guy who values his time with people more.

With the right guidance Dante has shown that he can be a great little dog and a wonderful addition to a family.


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