No Longer Available For AdoptionFlash....$500

* No Children Under 10

Flash is a happy, and healthy 4 year old, male Frenchton (French Bulldog Boston Terrier.)  He's a meaty ball of love with lots of energy and spunk in every step.  

Flash will do best in a home where there is a strong female presence.  He is still a bit hesitant towards men, but has been doing very well in hs foster home even when new people stop by for a visit.  Flash will need to live in a home where he is either the only dog, or with a female that has a calm demeanor, as he is easily excitable. 

 Flash is a very good boy and wants to please but will need a strong guiding hand who will teach him with love and positive reinforcement.  He has had a rough past and still needs lots of reassurance because he is a little insecure.  Your love and kindness will be greatly rewarded with a loyal companion who will shower you with kisses, endless snuggles and lots of wonderful memories.


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