Max #18-034

No Longer Available For AdoptionMax #18-034

Adoption fee - $450

** No Children Under 10 **

Max is a very sweet 7 y/o who loves attention & to be with his people. He can be very laid back but can also run & play if he has a playmate. He is learning his manners & basic commands. He has a high pray drive for birds & squirrels & will give chase if given the opportunity. A secure fenced yard is a must for Max. He likes to “talk” to the neighborhood dogs when he hears them.He walks well on a leash & is very curious. He doesn’t like the rain & spooks easily. He does well in a appropriate size crate & settles in with time. He doesn't like being left alone & will bark constantly so having a companion might help quell his separation anxiety.He loves to sleep with you in your bed under or on top of the covers. He sleeps well through the night. He is learning how to play with toys in his foster home. He loves to go for car rides & does well in the car. He doesn’t like hard kibble so he is on a homecooked meal plan in his foster home. He is doing well with his foster sibling dog and cat.  Max is a diamond in the ruff & with a stable routine he will shine!


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