No Longer Available For AdoptionNewton

*No dogs or young children please*

Meet Newton!  He's a beautiful brown boy with gorgeous golden eyes! He is a bouncing bundle of energy and love! 

Newton enjoys lots of outside play time and long walks but will occupy himself with Kong toys (stuffed toys he will destroy in minutes!)  He loves to play fetch and has been learning how to sit and drop his ball so we can throw it again and again...Newton loves to go in the car and will calmly look out the window for a while until he lies down.  He will easily go into his crate at night for a treat and sleeps through the night.  He is very intelligent, likes to learn and seems only to want to please.  He loves to be the center of attention and will sit in a chair to watch TV with "his person" for hours.  He is a real cuddler and craves a loving touch.  

Newton lived with children in his former home, but with his high energy, it was not a good match.  He is now living with 3 other dogs in his foster home on Long Island.  He gets along with them well but will antagonize them to play at times.  If the other dogs aren't interested, it can escalate and chaos ensues! So it may be best for him to be an only dog until he is a bit older.  Outside on walks, he is fine with other dogs and will pull on leash to meet them but with a slight correction he will walk by.  His leash manners are excellent!  He's learned to walk next to me with a slack leash with just an occasional correction.

The ideal candidate for Newton is one who has with an active lifestyle, patience, is BT savvy. He needs a calm household with no dogs, unless very mellow, or young children to help him learn and grow. 


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