No Longer Available For AdoptionNubbin

A good Samaritan found Nubbin (female) wandering in her neighborhood
the other day. After posting flyers, contacting the police and
the local shelter, no one came looking for this girl.
She has no chip and no
one has contacted the vets office about any missing dogs either.

She has a possible UTI and is limping on her leg
She has a good appetite but needs softer food, her teeth may be giving her pain. 
She is friendly with people. She's super cuddly, loves getting pet & scratching, wants love. She's a couch dog for sure.

She also seems to really enjoy car rides.
She seems to be adjusting well here. She
gets short bursts of playfulness where she pounces on a toy, throws it a
few feet to pounce on it again. Otherwise she's pretty mellow and is
content following the humans around the house, laying at our feet or by
our side. She LOVES to be pet and scratched and will occasionally nudge
our hands for a good petting session. She is housebroken and does well
when left alone for hours at a time, like when we go to work.

have her on hard food here and she eats well. She is a slow eater and
prefers to drop a mouthful on the floor then eat it from there, and


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