Ozzy 18-063 & Dozer 18-064

No Longer Available For AdoptionOzzy 18-063 & Dozer 18-064

** No Children under 10**

Adoption Fee - $550

Ozzy (8 years) and his full brother Dozer (7 years) came to NEBTR when their elderly owner could no longer care for them.  They are a bonded pair and need to stay together. Ozzy is a very mellow, confident, affectionate dog; Dozer is less confident but still very affectionate and draws confidence from Ozzy.  Ozzy will give you hugs and lots of wet kisses; Dozer loves to sleep alongside your leg. He's not as big a kisser but still adores attention. They sleep quietly through the night snuggled up in the same large crate together.  Both are low- to mid-energy dogs that love lap snuggling with anyone who will sit down for them and prefer napping over physical activities. Their stamina seems improved with good diet and daily walks. Both are very quiet and just love to snooze.

They have started some basic obedience (sit, come, down, etc.) and that should continue.  Very close to being completely housebroken but wear belly bands inside to deter any accidents.  They walk nicely together on a double leash, and have enjoyed their outings to farmers' markets and outdoor malls. Their vet visit was a breeze with no complaints or behavior issues from either. They love having a fenced yard and daily walks to explore. They know nothing about playing with toys and don't care for treats other than bits of cheese when training.  Both dogs are microchipped.


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