No Longer Available For AdoptionStar

Star is a 12-13 yo pittie mix coming to NEBTR from death row at the NYC ACC.
The shelter writes: Star emanates rays of charm and sweetness with every step of her waddling gait! She is an older lady and might spend more time snoozin' than the other dogs, but she's still full of sassy sweetness and I see nothing but love when I look at that little gremlin face of hers! Her former owner tells us she's very tolerant of children, gentle around cats, prefers male dogs to females, and is just a lovely, low key lady. She's reported to be housebroken (but at her age might not be able to hold it as long as she used to!), well behaved when left alone, and enjoys her spa days. She has been super easy to walk on leash, shakes her big booty when I talk to her, and loooves treats (and isn't shy about asking for more!). I imagine her sleepily wagging her tail on the couch while her doting (how could you not be?) person serenades her with "Honey you are my shining star".


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