Sumo and Belle...$600

No Longer Available For AdoptionSumo and Belle...$600

* No Children Under 10

Sumo and Belle are a 5 yo bonded pair..Sumo is a Boston and Belle is a
Chi-weenie. They are healthy and
friendly and very bonded.

Double the Love! Yes, that’s what you’ll get with this young couple, Sumo and Belle, who’ve been together four years, since they were just little pups, and don’t want to be separated. They even sleep together in their crate, but would be happy to share the snores with you in your nice, comfy bed.

It’s true, opposites attract. Sumo, the big BT, weighs in at 32 pounds, while Belle, the Chiweenie, is only 19 lbs. Sumo shows his love by being your shadow, showering you with kisses; Belle, on the other hand, is more dignified, a quiet presence who will happily content herself with lying in the sun or roaming your yard while Sumo is giving you lots of his special attention. Sumo loves his toys, doesn’t want to share them, while Belle doesn’t care about toys, but won’t share her food.

They had a wonderful life, but their loving family was forced to surrender them due to personal setbacks. Healthy, young, and housebroken, this affectionate and loving couple will make the perfect match for your family. As a bonus, they’ll even chase the squirrels from your yard.

Foster mom writes:  They have settled in so nicely and really are amazing dogs. Sumo is my shadow and wants to be with me or on me all the time, he even guards the bathroom lol! He's so affectionate and will lick your face all day if you let him. He still guards his toys a bit but he really only growls when my forever foster Yoda is near him, but is good with all my other dogs. Belle reminds me of a cat, super independent and loves to spend her day laying in the yard or up on my bed. Most of the time I don't even know she's here, she just does her own thing-until bed time and she wants to burrow under the covers and needs to be by my side all night. She's affectionate, but on her own terms. They really are the sweetest dogs!


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