Toby #17-067

No Longer Available For AdoptionToby #17-067

Adoption Fee $250
* No Children

Toby is the 6 yo boy who was found stray. Toby seems to need leadership and consistency.
He is said to be trained and very smart.
came to spend time with NEBTR’s trainer to help him with dog aggression
and issues when meeting new people. Toby probably led a sheltered life
and lacks experience with both dogs and people alike. Having had months
of slow exposure he now isn’t as reactive and can tolerate the company
of calm dogs but has not shown a willingness to interact or play. We
think Toby would prefer a home where he is the only dog and he can give
all of his love to his people and be the center of their world. Although
he has some stranger danger issues, Toby is very food motivated and if
introduced in a calm way with a tasty treat he will warm up and make
friends fast. With people he knows, Toby is a total love bug and
snuggler and would make the perfect companion in a one or two person
home. He is an absolute gentleman around the house, is completely toilet
trained and does not require crating. He loves to play in the yard and
is happy to amuse himself with his toys . When playing with Toby, his
trainer has noticed that he becomes easily over stimulated (as many
terriers do) and although he responds well to commands, he should not
play tug or fetch with children or inexperienced adults. He can also be
competitive with other dogs for valued objects.
loves going for leash walks, but can still react to strange dogs and
people; for this reason we recommend a home in a rural area where city
life won’t stress him out. For the right people Toby will be an
affectionate, loyal and loving companion who loves nothing more than
sharing the sofa!
To summarize Toby’s needs:
A rural / quiet suburban home with a securely fenced yard. 
No children. 
No other dogs or one calm, non competitive dog.
Confident adults.
Cats unknown.
Medium energy, low-moderate exercise required.
A lap or couch to snuggle on.
Plenty of toys and balls.

Please consider distance to Clinton CT when applying as more than one visit will be required.


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