Winston 18-095

No Longer Available For AdoptionWinston 18-095

**Adoption Fee - $600**
** No Children Under 10**

Winston is a young, neutered, male Boston Terrier weighing in at approx. 22 lbs.  He was picked up as a stray and was not claimed.  He is up to date on vaccines.  Winston is great while on a leash and will do anything to please his handler. When loose in the play yard, Winston can get over stimulated!  
Winston is a happy boy who loves long walks, peanut butter stuffed Kong toys and cuddles. All he needs is a human to call his very own.

Winston has very puppy-like tendencies. He is inquisitive and intelligent with lots of energy, but left unattended or if he becomes overstimulated, he can become excitable and/or destructive. Like a puppy, he can nip too hard if not handled the right way. The more physically and mentally active he is the better he behaves.

Winston's forever home should be one that is willing to be patient with him, understand his needs, and must be willing to continue with his basic training. He will need a strong leader who is willing to take the time to engage his brain and help him to focus. He looks for direction in his person and likes to make eye contact for reassurance he is doing the right thing.

Winston has a full on approach to life which includes interacting with other dogs. Depending on the personality of the dog, some will be receptive to his exuberance and some will not. Slow and supervised introductions are a must for both dogs and new people.

We are unsure of cats, but due to his approach with dogs, we wouldn't risk it. No children for the same reasons.

Ideally, we are hoping for a home close to his foster family (White Plains, NY) or NEBTR's trainer (Clinton, CT) so that if any issues arise, we will be close enough to help

He is absolutely adorable, but remember he is looking for the family that can give him all that he needs. Please apply only if you meet the qualifications and are an experienced handler. He is wonderful and handsome, but he is a handful and he will not be adopted out until we find his perfect person(s).


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