Not Ready For AdoptionDante

*No Children Under 10*  

Meet Dante! 

 He is a blue Boston Terrier.  He’s 5 years old, loves to cuddle, and give kisses.  He is house trained, and is smart. Dante needs to go to a home preferably without other dogs or cats.  His foster will only entertain another fur sibling for him if the other dog is submissive and not toy driven.  Dante guards his treats and his toys if they are "dropped".  

Whoever adopts him needs to understand his triggers.  He is an attention hog, so as soon his foster siblings get close to his human he tries to get between them....this is why an only dog forever home would be best.  

He'll need a strong leader and experienced dog owner who can continue to assess and work with triggers and maintain rules & boundaries.


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