Noel 18-103

Not Ready For AdoptionNoel 18-103

Noel is a sweet senior girl who was taken to a shelter after being found in the middle of the road on a freezing cold night.  She is a very hungry lady who needs to put on some weight.  We will know more about her as she settles into her foster home.

3/15 Update from Foster Mom:
Miss Noel has blossomed into a such a happy dog! She wags her little  bald tail whenever mom or dad come home and howls with delight. She grabs her favorite toy, a tiny 3 inch stuffie Squirrel and shakes it with delight. Now that she knows she safe and loved, she’s started rolling on her back and pushing her face into people for cuddles, and sleeps in most days until it’s time to eat. Noel waits on the bed wagging her tail until she’s lifted down to go out and served her softened food (she only has 3 teeth left) like a Queen.  It seemed like Noel was finally able to relax and enjoy her golden years, but at her regular check up the vet found that some small lumps we hoped would go away with her spay unfortunately did not. In fact, they had grown and there is now a new one. So Noel will need more surgery, sooner rather than later to take care of things. Please keep this little old lady who has come so far from her back yard breeder days in your thoughts as her story continues. Brave tiny Noel, hope you can feel all the love and support coming your way.


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